I’ve been slowly getting back into the routine of things back home, and preoccupying myself with thinking about my future, my career path. Though I might be on summer  break at the moment, I feel so lethargic and sometimes worn out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something more relaxing this weekend.

Hope everyone had a great week and will have an ever greater weekend! 

All Saints Chained Top  |  TopShop Tripple Necklace | Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses



IMG_6459 IMG_6480IMG_6464

Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte | Chanel CC Cream YSL Rouge Pur Couture YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils

I’m obsessed! Nothing makes me happier than playing around with brand new products. Nothing beats that rush of excitement when I open the packaging of a new lipstick or powder. I’m currently obsessing over my new YSL lipstick. I’d recommend it to people who have chapped lips like I do. It’s got rose oil in the formula which keeps your lips smelling yummy while conditioning it at the same time. Not to mention the gorgeous pinky nude colour! 

Hope everyone has been having a great week so far. #TGIF. Have great weekend everyone!

Yours Truly,


Something Softer

IMG_6719IMG_6776IMG_6823I’ve been finding myself stuck in a real monochrome mood of late, and colours never really have grabbed my attention anyway.  Usually if anything comes in white or black, I’m sold. I managed to snag this white loose peplum top and a Chanel-esque tweed skirt at Zara while I was in London. I thought a looser top would be a lot comfortable in this sweltering heat. Sometimes white can come off as a pretty harsh colour, but I find playing with textures often helps to break that harshness and soften the look. 

IMG_6832 copy.JPG IMG_6837 IMG_6839IMG_6831IMG_6881 IMG_6835Zara White Loose Peplum Top |  Office Jewel T-Bar Point Heels

Though today started off to a dowdy start with lighting and thunder, I cannot help but feel ever so thankful and refreshed. Don’t ever let any grey clouds dampen your day. 

Yours Truly,


Exhibit x Curated Editions

IMG_6058Maybe it’s because baby pink hues are my favourites at the moment, or maybe because the collection was kept ever so beautifully minimalistic. Well, whatever it is, by the time the Exhibit x Curated Editions show ended, I found myself completely obsessed with their debut collection. I’m a real sucker for plain basics and street wear. So you would imagine how excited I was so see motorcycle vests and plain jumpsuits walking down the runway.

Though I may not be one to be seen donned with heavy accessories, the dainty street accessories from Curated Editions perfectly complimented the pieces from Exhibit. Maybe it’s time I give the world of jewellery and accessories a second chance back into my closet collection.

IMG_6049 IMG_6033 IMG_6007IMG_6055 IMG_6004 IMG_6001 IMG_5978IMG_5991This is yet another collection I’d readily wear any day, anytime. I simply enjoy clean and elegant silhouettes that’s so easily wearable and pieces you don’t really need to fuss over. With such a promising debut collection, I can’t wait to see what else Exhibit has in store.

Yours Truly,


Darker Side


As most of my friends would know, black is my favourite colour. It possess such a beautifully bold quality, and it matches practically everything. I particularly love black on black textures on a little black dress. My past week has been really busy going back and forth with work, shooting photos, attending AFF and back to shooting. I decided on wearing something simple and elegant to AFF this year. I fell in love with this piece that I picked up from multi label store Etikit on Kandahar street. Yet another beautiful piece to add to my collection of little black dresses.

0E4A5299 sarahwong01 copy Cameo Rampart Dress, Balenciaga Tour Bracelet, Hermès Rivale Bracelet, Prada Shoes0E4A5289 0E4A5343 Photos by Faiyaz K

Yours Truly,


A Sprinkle of Glitter

IMG_5857 IMG_5908 IMG_5869

I was fortunate enough to be invited for day 3 of Singapore’s AFF14, showing Farah Khan and local label, Exhibit x Curated Editions.

I’ve always been obsessively attracted to glittery sequins, and Farah Khan’s glitterati ensembles were no exception. The entire collection was drenched in her gorgeous signature sequins and each piece had a unique pattern and print. As you would imagine, that could make a girl get a little overly excited. The collection was absolutely beautiful, and as my girlfriends said, I would buy and wear this entire collection if I could. My favourite piece was a mini dress embellished with ivory, orange, tan and red sequins in a very middle eastern-esque print.

IMG_5878 IMG_5891 IMG_5928 IMG_5925 IMG_5937 IMG_5957

I’m so very blessed to have been able to see such beautiful garments walk down the runway. Just a sprinkle of glitter never fails to excite the little girl in me.

Yours Truly,                                                                                                                                                      Sarah