A Sprinkle of Glitter

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I was fortunate enough to be invited for day 3 of Singapore’s AFF14, showing Farah Khan and local label, Exhibit x Curated Editions.

I’ve always been obsessively attracted to glittery sequins, and Farah Khan’s glitterati ensembles were no exception. The entire collection was drenched in her gorgeous signature sequins and each piece had a unique pattern and print. As you would imagine, that could make a girl get a little overly excited. The collection was absolutely beautiful, and as my girlfriends said, I would buy and wear this entire collection if I could. My favourite piece was a mini dress embellished with ivory, orange, tan and red sequins in a very middle eastern-esque print.

IMG_5878 IMG_5891 IMG_5928 IMG_5925 IMG_5937 IMG_5957

I’m so very blessed to have been able to see such beautiful garments walk down the runway. Just a sprinkle of glitter never fails to excite the little girl in me.

Yours Truly,                                                                                                                                                      Sarah