Darker Side


As most of my friends would know, black is my favourite colour. It possess such a beautifully bold quality, and it matches practically everything. I particularly love black on black textures on a little black dress. My past week has been really busy going back and forth with work, shooting photos, attending AFF and back to shooting. I decided on wearing something simple and elegant to AFF this year. I fell in love with this piece that I picked up from multi label store Etikit on Kandahar street. Yet another beautiful piece to add to my collection of little black dresses.

0E4A5299 sarahwong01 copy Cameo Rampart Dress, Balenciaga Tour Bracelet, Hermès Rivale Bracelet, Prada Shoes0E4A5289 0E4A5343 Photos by Faiyaz K

Yours Truly,