Denim For Days

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Denim’s making a come back, and its creeping back fast. Sometimes, I wonder if double denim was just a mistake made in the 80s, but I suppose when done right, it can actually turn out effortlessly chic. It’s almost the end of July and the heat has seemingly been blazing down more than ever, but I felt my skinny jeans and boots were appropriate to keep to the cooler hue of my light denim top.


Zara Denim Top and Black Boots | H&M Jeans | Chanel 2.55 | Photo Credits: Faiyaz K

It’s the last week before school starts again, and I’m trying to spend most of my time relishing my current freedom, or well, whatever that’s left of it that is. Summer break is over! I will admit though, I am pretty excited for my last year of school and the major projects coming my way.