Sunday Folks

IMG_0980 IMG_0992 IMG_0991 Sunday Folks

Let’s face it, savoury or sweet, waffles are completely irresistible. I fell in love with warm waffles and maple syrup when I was a child, so whenever the “next waffle place” comes up, it really brings out the little girl in me. With it’s alluring beautiful copper decor, decadent cakes and waffle topping displays,  you’d find this this little shop tucked away behind Chip Bee Gardens full at any given time. Though soft serve ice cream tends to melt a lot faster, the combination of unusual soft serve ice cream flavours and a soft waffle base blended perfectly. We had the Earl Grey Lavender, Roasted Pistachio and Dark Chocolate soft serve. Take it from me, you’ve got to give this place a go.